YDC SERIES 20, 30 and 40KVA

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YDC3300 series UPS is a three phase in and three phase out high frequency UPS with medium and large power capacity.

Benefits from the high-efficiency transformer less double conversion technology, YDC3300(10-40kVA) can achieve 96% efficiency and high PF 1.0 thereby reducing the power and cooling costs.

It is designed to provide strict voltage regulation, frequency regulation, and zero transfer time to the battery during a power failure, making it ideal for small and medium data centres and other critical business applications.


  • Wide input voltage range 138-485Vac (Phase voltage80-280Vac)
  • High input power factor, it can be up to 0.99.
  • Three level inverter topologies, the efficiency can be up to 96%.
  • Support parallel expanded operation: maximum is 6 units.
  • Large charging current
  • High adaptability for load, it can connect full inductive load or capacitive load.
  • Power Walk In function, it can reduce the start current impact to system, and reduce the capacity of generator.
  • Optimization battery group, the quantity of battery: 10-30k(16/18/20 pcs optional), 40-80k(32/34/36/38/40 pcs optional)
  • LBS function can realize 2 independent UPS system work in synchronization, enhances the reliability of the system.
  • The output factor is 1.0, can meet 100% unbalanced load
  •  Support USB, RS485, RS232, SNMP, dry contact card
  • On-line double conversion and high-frequency UPS 10-100kVA
  • Modular-concept design, easy maintenance by replacing power modules from the front side (no need side/rear maintenances)
  • Compact sizes with limited foot-prints
  • No derating for PF≥0.7 inductive load and capacitive load
  • Parallel up to 6 units
  • Completed CB configurations for mains, bypass, maintenance and output
  • Fan redundancy design, speed Control


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